Faculty & Staff


Name Contact Program Research Interests
Yalcin Acikgoz
Assistant Professor
Employee recruitment and job search, applicant reactions in recruitment and selection, applicant decision-making, applications of social media in human resources, impression management in the workplace.
Mary Ballard
Aggression; media; video games; bullying.
Doris Bazzini
Impact of professional female athletes on women's body image Female body dissatisfaction's impact on relationship maintenance processes Factors that influence romantic relationships Dog Breed Stereotypes as a function of Race and Urban Factors
Jackie Belhumeur Wayne
Shawn Bergman
Kulynych/Cline Distinguished Professor
Statistical and quantitative methods, person-environment fit, and vocational choice.
Reagan Breitenstein
Assistant Professor
Sleep, Temperament, Qualities of the home environment and family relationships, Twin and behavior genetic designs, Developmental psychology
Joshua Broman-Fulks
Anxiety disorders; anxiety vulnerability factors; physical exercise; taxometrics.
Will Canu
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; social adjustment and psychological disorders; child clinical psychology; adjustment and intervention in rural contexts.
Lisa Curtin
Clinical Psychology Program Director
Rural mental health services, addictive behaviors, integrated care, social factors and body image.
James R. Deni
Specific Learning Disabilities, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Intervention Fidelity, Implementation Science, & School Mental Health, Professional Issues in School Psychology, Special Education and related areas, School Psychology Accreditation, Revide Connect for ADHD students.
Chris Dickinson
Associate Professor
Visual cognition, visual memory, scene perception, eye movements during visual search and scene perception.
Lisa Emery
Associate Professor
Developmental psychology; adult development & aging; emotion regulation; memory.
Cheryl Fox
Senior Lecturer
Educational psychology, applied behavior management/behavior change, adult development and aging.
Sandra G. Gagnon
Associate Professor
High school and college bullying Preschool social-emotional-behavioral development INSIGHTS Into Children’s Temperaments Child temperament Adult-child relationships Parent and teaching stress Peer interactive play Intervention fidelity Needs assessment Examiner errors in graduate student standardized test administration
Amy T. Galloway
Development of food preferences, picky eating, normal and disordered eating in children and adults; parent and child food interactions. Sustainable and community food system research.
Jacqueline Hersh
Assistant Professor
Psychotherapy process and outcome; enhancing and tailoring empirically supported treatments; access and dissemination of ESTs; child and adolescent psychopathology.
Robert W. Hill
Associate Professor
Perfectionism; interpersonal characteristics; self injury; personality; ethics; therapy.
Christopher Holden
Assistant Professor
Personality and evolutionary psychology, romantic relationships, HEXACO model of personality, self-esteem, relationship-contingent self-esteem, mate retention behavior, open science.
Hannah Holmes
Visiting Assistant Professor
Health psychology, women's health, human sexuality, emotion-focused interventions for chronic pain
Timothy J. Huelsman
IOHRM Program Director
Assistant Chair
Organizations; organizational culture; organizational assessment; program evaluation.
Hannah Jackson
John Paul Jameson
Suicide prevention; rural mental health services; empirically supported psychotherapies; community/academic partnerships; school-based mental health.
Lauren Keroack
Undergraduate Internship Coordinator; Lecturer
Pamela Kidder-Ashley
Mental health correlates of high school and college bullying, ecological correlates of social competence in preschoolers.
Timothy D. Ludwig
Organizational behavior management; behavioral analysis; employee performance; occupational safety.
Denise M. Martz
Health psychology & behavioral medicine; fat talk; women's health; obesity & eating disorders; body image & relative size; teen interpersonal violence & bullying; body snarking.
Lindsay Masland
Associate Professor
Teaching and learning; evidence-based teaching strategies in both K-12 and higher education contexts; teacher and faculty development; student diversity; translation of research to classroom settings
Lynn Mosteller
Undergraduate Advising Director
Senior Lecturer
Lucinda O. Payne
Senior Lecturer
Andrew Smith
Associate Professor
Judgment and decision making; social cognition; risk taking; risk perception; wishful thinking; social comparisons; comparative optimism.
Kenneth M. Steele
Learning in nonhumans and humans; visual and auditory perception; activity anorexia; music perception; color priming; the "Mozart effect."
William Stiles
Adjunct Professor
Psychotherapy process and outcome; verbal interaction; theory and epistemology.
Crystal Taylor
Assistant Professor
Douglas A. Waring
Associate Professor
Cognitive/Evolutionary; role of working memory and prior knowledge in comprehension, memory, persuasion, conformity, reciprocity.
Rose Mary Webb
Department Chair
Perceptions of personality and competence; estimation and perception of quantity; development of intellectual talent.
Richard Wilson
Senior Lecturer
Twila Wingrove
Experimental Psychology Program Director
Associate Professor
Legal/forensic psychology, developmental psychology.
Katie Wolsiefer
Assistant Professor
Social Psychology: stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, social cognition, implicit and explicit attitudes, communication of bias (and bias reduction) in healthcare.
Jamie Yarbrough
School Psychology Program Director
Empirically supported academic and behavioral interventions, implementation science, research-to-practice gap in educational settings, resistance to change, multi-tiered systems of support, response to intervention, curriculum-based measurement, progress monitoring, school consultation, and prevention of school failure.
Mark C. Zrull
Experience, preference, interactive and stimulus-guided behavior, and neural plasticity in adolescent animals; mechanisms of sound-induced seizures; efficacy of undergraduate research.

Visiting Distinguished Professors