Faculty & Staff


Name Contact Program Research Interests
Yalcin Acikgoz
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-8926
Employee recruitment and job search, applicant reactions in recruitment and selection, applicant decision-making, applications of social media in human resources, impression management in the workplace.
Mary Ballard
(828) 262-8929
Aggression; media; video games; bullying.
Doris Bazzini
(828) 262-2272
Impact of professional female athletes on women's body image Female body dissatisfaction's impact on relationship maintenance processes Factors that influence romantic relationships Dog Breed Stereotypes as a function of Race and Urban Factors
Jackie Belhumeur Wayne
Shawn Bergman
Kulynych/Cline Distinguished Professor
(828) 262-8933
Statistical and quantitative methods, person-environment fit, and vocational choice.
Reagan Breitenstein
Assistant Professor
Sleep, Temperament, Qualities of the home environment and family relationships, Twin and behavior genetic designs, Developmental psychology
Joshua Broman-Fulks
(828) 262-8934
Anxiety disorders; anxiety vulnerability factors; physical exercise; taxometrics.
Will Canu
(828) 262-8935
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; social adjustment and psychological disorders; child clinical psychology; adjustment and intervention in rural contexts.
Lisa Curtin
Clinical Psychology Program Director
(828) 262-8936
Rural mental health services, addictive behaviors, integrated care, social factors and body image.
James R. Deni
(828) 262-8938
Specific Learning Disabilities, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Intervention Fidelity, Implementation Science, & School Mental Health, Professional Issues in School Psychology, Special Education and related areas, School Psychology Accreditation, Revide Connect for ADHD students.
James C. Denniston
Professor of Psychology
(828) 262-8939
Elementary information processing in animals.
Chris Dickinson
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8940
Visual cognition, visual memory, scene perception, eye movements during visual search and scene perception.
Lisa Emery
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8941
Developmental psychology; adult development & aging; emotion regulation; memory.
Cheryl Fox
Senior Lecturer
(828) 262-9842
Educational psychology, applied behavior management/behavior change, adult development and aging.
Sandra G. Gagnon
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8944
High school and college bullying Preschool social-emotional-behavioral development INSIGHTS Into Children’s Temperaments Child temperament Adult-child relationships Parent and teaching stress Peer interactive play Intervention fidelity Needs assessment Examiner errors in graduate student standardized test administration
Amy T. Galloway
(828) 262-8945
Development of food preferences, picky eating, normal and disordered eating in children and adults; parent and child food interactions. Sustainable and community food system research.
Jacqueline Hersh
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6969
Psychotherapy process and outcome; enhancing and tailoring empirically supported treatments; access and dissemination of ESTs; child and adolescent psychopathology.
Robert W. Hill
Associate Professor
(828) 262-2559
Perfectionism; interpersonal characteristics; self injury; personality; ethics; therapy.
Christopher Holden
Assistant Professor
Personality and evolutionary psychology, romantic relationships, HEXACO model of personality, self-esteem, relationship-contingent self-esteem, mate retention behavior, open science.
Hannah Holmes
Visiting Assistant Professor
(828) 262-8951
Health psychology, women's health, human sexuality, emotion-focused interventions for chronic pain
Timothy J. Huelsman
IOHRM Program Director
Assistant Chair
(828) 262-8949
Organizations; organizational culture; organizational assessment; program evaluation.
Hannah Jackson
John Paul Jameson
(828) 262-8950
Suicide prevention; rural mental health services; empirically supported psychotherapies; community/academic partnerships; school-based mental health.
Pamela Kidder-Ashley
(828) 262-8928
Mental health correlates of high school and college bullying, ecological correlates of social competence in preschoolers.
Timothy D. Ludwig
(828) 262-8952
Organizational behavior management; behavioral analysis; employee performance; occupational safety.
Denise M. Martz
(828) 262-8953
Health psychology & behavioral medicine; fat talk; women's health; obesity & eating disorders; body image & relative size; teen interpersonal violence & bullying; body snarking.
Lindsay Masland
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8954
Teaching and learning; evidence-based teaching strategies in both K-12 and higher education contexts; teacher and faculty development; student diversity; translation of research to classroom settings
Kurt D. Michael
Stanley R. Aeschleman Distinguished Professor
(828) 262-8955
Rural school mental health Suicide prevention in K-12 schools Counseling on access to lethal means (CALM) Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) Meta-analysis
Lynn Mosteller
Undergraduate Advising Director
Senior Lecturer
(828) 262-8958
Lucinda O. Payne
Senior Lecturer
Andrew Smith
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8960
Judgment and decision making; social cognition; risk taking; risk perception; wishful thinking; social comparisons; comparative optimism.
Kenneth M. Steele
(828) 262-8961
Learning in nonhumans and humans; visual and auditory perception; activity anorexia; music perception; color priming; the "Mozart effect."
William Stiles
Adjunct Professor
Psychotherapy process and outcome; verbal interaction; theory and epistemology.
Douglas A. Waring
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8962
Cognitive/Evolutionary; role of working memory and prior knowledge in comprehension, memory, persuasion, conformity, reciprocity.
Rose Mary Webb
Department Chair
(828) 262-8927
Perceptions of personality and competence; estimation and perception of quantity; development of intellectual talent.
Richard Wilson
Senior Lecturer
Twila Wingrove
Experimental Psychology Program Director
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8965
Legal/forensic psychology, developmental psychology.
Jamie Yarbrough
School Psychology Program Director
(828) 262-8966
Empirically supported academic and behavioral interventions, implementation science, research-to-practice gap in educational settings, resistance to change, multi-tiered systems of support, response to intervention, curriculum-based measurement, progress monitoring, school consultation, and prevention of school failure.
Mark C. Zrull
(828) 262-8930
Experience, preference, interactive and stimulus-guided behavior, and neural plasticity in adolescent animals; mechanisms of sound-induced seizures; efficacy of undergraduate research.

Visiting Distinguished Professors