Fast Facts

Undergraduate Program

  • Over 1200 undergraduate majors and 80 graduate students in the department
  • Approximately 250-300 undergraduate majors graduate annually
  • Over 400 minors
  • 30 students - average class size (classes exclusively for our majors average fewer than 20 students per section)

Our graduates are well prepared for a variety of career options, including admission to graduate or professional school. 

Faculty members are easily accessible and set aside a minimum of 7 office hours per week to meet with students. The Department also emphasizes faculty members taking on a mentoring relationship with students for career and professional advisement.

Graduate Program

Four graduate programs are housed in the department—Clinical, Experimental, Industrial-Organizational/Human Resources Management and School Psychology.

Approximately 80 graduate students are typically enrolled in these graduate programs, and 25-30 students complete their graduate degree requirements annually.

Graduate Degrees

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

The Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology is an applied practice degree in health service psychology, and the goal of our training program will be to develop psychologists who are well-rounded practitioners trained in and committed to evidence-based professional practice. In addition, graduates will demonstrate competency in scientific inquiry and evaluation. The program will provide a curriculum in Clinical Psychology that is designed to meet requirements for American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation.

Master of Arts in Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management (IOHRM)

Psychology - Clinical Psychology Concentration

Psychology - Psychological Science Concentration

Dual Degree Programs 

School Psychology, SSP/MA 

The School Psychology program has been approved by the National Association of School Psychologists since 1991. Our program provides learning experiences grounded in the scientist-practitioner model that enable our students to become well-rounded, effective school psychologists. The program consists of 67 semester hours and requires three years of full-time study, including a year-long, full-time internship and completion of the PRAXIS-II exam in School Psychology. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates earn Master of Arts and Specialist in School Psychology degrees and are eligible for licensure by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction as Level II School Psychologists and for the Nationally Certified School Psychologist credential; they also may apply for N.C. licensure as Licensed Psychological Associates.