Robert W. Hill

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Priority review date for admission is December 1st. Applications that are not complete by the priority date risk denial of admission; however, if seats remain for the invitation only on-campus interviews in February, applications not complete by December 1st will be considered.

Research Interests

  • Perfectionism
  • Interpersonal Characteristics
  • Personality
  • Ethics


  • Ph.D., 1991, Michigan State University, Clinical Psychology
  • M.A., 1987, Michigan State University, Clinical Psychology
  • B.A., 1980, Duke University, Psychology and Philosophy

Representative Publications

  • Mautz, C., Hill, R.W., Huelsman, T.J. & Bazinni, D. (2017). Behavioral Activation and Behavioral Inhibition Predict Perfectionism. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, 6(4), 59-64. doi: 10.11648/j.pbs.20170604.13
  • Miskey, H. M., Hill, R. W. & Huelsman, T. J. (2012) Big Five Traits and Perfectionism Are Risk Factors for onsuicidal Cutting. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. 1(1) 1-7. doi: 10.11648/j.pbs.20120101.11
  • Hill, R. W., Waring, D., & Walker, L. (2012). Video Surveillance Versus Night Awake Staff in a Residential Treatment Setting. Residential Treatment for Children and Youth, 29, 132-140.
  • Hill, R.W., Huelsman, T. J., & Araujo, G. (2010). Perfectionistic Concerns Suppress Associations Between Perfectionistic Strivings and Positive Life Outcomes. Personality and Individual Differences, 48(5), 584-589.
  • Broman-Fulks, J. J., Hill, R. W., & Green, B. A. (2008). Is perfectionism categorical or dimensional? A taxometric analysis. Journal of Personality Assessment, 90, 481-490.
  • Hill, R.W., Huelsman, T., Furr, M., Kibler, J., Vicente, B. & Kennedy, C. (2004). A New Measure for Perfectionism: the Perfectionism Inventory (PI). Journal of Personality Assessment, 82(1), 80-91. [PDF Format]
  • Hill R.W. & Yousey, G. (1998). Adaptive and maladaptive narcissism among university faculty, clergy, politicians and librarians. Current Psychology, 17(2/3), 249-262.
  • Hill, R.W., Zrull, M. C. & McIntire, K. A. (1998). Differences between self and peer-ratings of interpersonal problems. Assessment, 5(1), 67-83.
  • Hill, R.W., McIntire, K., & Bacharach, V. (1997). Perfectionism and the Big Five Factors. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 12(1), 257-270. [PDF Format]
  • Hill, R.W., Zrull, M.C. & Turlington, S. (1997). Perfectionism and interpersonal problems. Journal of Personality Assessment, 69(1), 81-103.
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Psychology

Email address: Email me