David Scott Hargrove

Research Interests

  • Family Systems variables as determinants in health, mental health
  • Psychology and Literature
  • Rural health and mental health
  • Family Systems Theory, Family Therapy
  • Psychology and Religion


  • Postdoctoral Training: Georgetown Family Center, Washington, DC
  • Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1972
  • B.A. Mississippi State University, 1962

Representative Publications

  • Hargrove, D. S., (2009) Bringing the person to literature: what happens in the brain when we read: a review of "Literature and the Brain" by Norman Holland. Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books. Vol 54, Release 45, Article 2.
  • Hargrove, David S., (2009). Psychotherapy based on Bowen Family Systems Theory. In J. H. Bray & M. Stanton (Eds). The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Family Psychology. Malden MA: Wiley Blackwell. pp. 286-299.
  • Hargrove, D. S., (2007) Keeping a rural psychology presence alive. Clinical Psychology.
  • Hargrove, D.S., McDaniel, S.H., Malone, E., & Christiansen, M. D., (2006) Family problems. In P. Grayson & P. Meilman (Eds) College mental health. New York: Taylor & Francis. pp. 113-134.
  • Sharp, W. G., & Hargrove, D. S. (2004). Emotional expression and modality: an analysis of affective arousal and linguistic output in a computer vs. paper paradigm. Computers in Human Behavior. 20. 461-475.
  • Richie, S. D., & Hargrove, D. S., (2004). An analysis of the effectiveness of telephone intervention in reducing absences and improving grades of college freshmen. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. 395-412
  • McDaniel, S. H., Belar, C. D., Schroeder, C., Hargrove, D.S., & Freeman, E. L., (2002). A training curriculum for professional psychologists in primary care. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.
  • Hargrove, D.S. (2000) Commentary: Narrative and clinical reality: A Teacher's New Journey. Family, Systems & Health. 18, 467-468.
  • Keller, P.A., Murray, J.D., & Hargrove, D. S. (1999). A rural mental health research agenda: Defining context and setting priorities. Journal of Rural Health 15, 3. 316-325.

Teaching and Research Awards

  • 2005 Harold M. Hildreth Award for Lifetime Contribution to Psychology in the Public Interest
  • 2004 Family Psychologist of the Year
  • 1974 Victor A. Howery Award for Outstanding Contribution to Rural Mental Health
Title: Visiting Distinguished Professor
Department: Department of Psychology

Email address: Email me