John Paul Jameson

Dr. Jameson will be accepting a doctoral student for the Fall of 2019.

For information on the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.), visit

Priority review date for admission is December 1st. Applications that are not complete by the priority date risk denial of admission; however, if seats remain for the invitation only on-campus interviews in February, applications not complete by December 1st will be considered.

Research Interests

  • Rural mental health services
  • Empirically supported psychotherapies
  • Community/academic partnerships
  • School-based mental health
  • Suicide prevention

Broadly defined, I am interested in rural mental health services. I tend to take a pragmatic view of research; I enjoy engaging in projects that yield information that can directly inform our understanding of mental health services in rural environments. As such, I tend to employ a variety of research methods to explore numerous topics that impact rural mental health services. Recently, this has included studies on the effectiveness of school-based mental health programs, prediction and prevention of suicide among rural adolescents, and the use of empirically supported treatments in rural community mental health clinics. I also have a strong interest in developing community-based research and practice collaborations with rural stakeholders to improve the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of care.

Scholarly Activities

  • Editor, International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 2015-present
  • Co-Chair, Annual Collaborative Conference for Rural Mental Health


  • Ph.D., 2009, University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A., 2003, University of Pennsylvania
  • B.S./B.A., 2001, University of Georgia

Representative Publications

  • Michael, K. D., George, M. W., Splett, J. W. Jameson, J. P., Sale, R., Bode, A. A., Iachini, A. L., Taylor, L. K., & Weist, M. D. (2016). Preliminary outcomes of a multi-site, school-based modular intervention for adolescents experiencing mood difficulties. Journal of Child & Family Studies.
  • Martz, D. M., Jameson, J. P., & Page, A. D. (2016). Psychological health and academic success in rural Appalachian adolescents exposed to physical and sexual interpersonal violence. Journal of Orthopsychiatry. doi:10.1037/ort0000174

  • Michael, K. D., Jameson, J. P., Sale, R., Orlando, C., Schorr, M.*, Brazille, M.,* Stevens, A.,* & Massey, C. (2015). A revision and extension of the prevention of escalating adolescent crisis events (PEACE) protocol. Child and Youth Services Review, 59, 57-62.

  •  Daly, B. P., Jameson, J. P., Patterson, P., McCurdy, M., Kirk, A.* & Michael, K. D. (2015). Sleep duration, mental health, and substance use among rural adolescents: Developmental correlates. Journal of Rural Mental Health, 39, 108-122. doi: 10.1037/rmh0000033

  • Stewart, H.*, Jameson, J. P., & Curtin, L. (2015). The relationship between stigma and self-reported willingness to use mental health services among rural and urban older adults. Psychological Services, 12, 143-148. doi: 10.1037/a0038651
  • Michael, K. D., Albright, A*., Jameson, J. P., Sale, R.*, Massey, C., Kirk, A.,* & Egan, T. (2013). Does cognitive-behavioral therapy in the context of a rural school mental health program have an impact on academic outcomes?  Advances in School Mental Health Promotion, 6, 247-262. doi: 10.1080/1754730X.2013.832006  
  • Jameson, J.P., Shrestha, S., Escamilla, M., Clark, S., Wilson, N., Kunik, M., Zeno, D., Harris, T. B., Peters, A, Varner. I. L., Scantlebury, C., Scott-Gurnell, K., & Stanley, M. (2012). Establishing community partnerships to support late-life anxiety research: Lessons from the Calmer Life project. Aging and Mental Health, 16, 874-883.
  • Michael, K. D., George, M., Weist, M., Albright, A., Youngstrom, E., Chapelle, L., & Jameson, J. P. (2012, October). Creating a multi‑state network for school mental health: Challenges in merging vision, purpose, motivation, and other practical realities. Presented at the annual meeting of the Center for School-Based Mental Health; Salt Lake City, UT
  • Jameson, J. P., Farmer, M. S., Head, K. J., Fortney, J., & Teal, C. R. (2011). VA community mental health service providers’ utilization of and attitudes toward telemental healthcare: The gatekeeper’s perspective. Journal of Rural Health, 24, 425-432.
  • Bush, A. L., Jameson, J. P., Barrera, T., Phillips, L. L., Lachner, N., Evans, G., … Stanley, M. A. (2011). An evaluation of the Brief Multidimensional Measure of Religiousness/Spirituality in older patients with prior depression or anxiety. Mental Health, Religion, & Culture. doi:10.1080/13674676.2011.566263
  • Stanley, M. A., Bush, A. L., Camp, M. E. Jameson, J. P., Phillips, L. L., Barber, C. R., Zeno, D., Lomax, J. W., & Cully, J. A. (2011). Older adults’ preferences for religion/spirituality in treatment for anxiety and depression. Aging and Mental Health, 15, 334-343.
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  • Jameson, J.P., & Blank, M.B. (2010). Diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders by primary care providers in rural and urban practice: National survey results. Psychiatric Services, 61, 620-623.
  • Jameson, J.P., Chambless, D.L., & Blank, M.B. (2009). Utilization of empirically supported treatments in rural community mental health centers: Necessity is the mother of innovation. Community Mental Health Journal, 65, 723-735.
  • Marsh, R.L., Brewer, G.A., Jameson, J.P., Cook, G.I., Amir, N., & Hicks, J. (2009). Threat related processing boosts prospective memory retrieval for people with obsessive tendencies. Memory, 17, 679-686.
  • Jameson, J.P., Blank, M.B., & Chambless, D.L. (2009). If we build it, they might come: An empirical investigation of supply and demand in the recruitment of rural psychologists. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65, 1-13.
  • Jameson, J.P., & Blank, M.B. (2007). The role of psychology in rural mental health services: Defining problems and developing solutions. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 14, 283-298.
  • Blank, M.B., & Jameson, J.P. (2007). Something in the water: Putting prevention and epidemiology into historical context (Review of the book The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera). PsycCritiques, 52(27).

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Current Topics of Research

  • Dissemination of empirically-supported psychotherapies to rural mental health service systems
  • Rural mental health workforce issues
  • Community-based participatory research in rural areas
  • Relationship between rural cultural variables and the acceptability of mental health treatment
  • Integration of mental health services into rural primary care settings
  • Incorporation of religion/spirituality into empirically-supported psychotherapy

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Psychology

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-2272 x424

Office address
112D Smith Wright Hall