Welcome to the Appalachian State University Department of Psychology. The University is a member institution of the sixteen-campus University of North Carolina. Boone is located in the beautiful western mountains of North Carolina, just a few miles from the Tennessee and Virginia borders. With mild summers and winter skiing, the area is quite attractive to visitors with interest in outdoor activities.

The University has over 18,000 students and has been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top 15 universities among southern public and private institutions since 1986. The Department has 36 full-time doctoral level faculty members, approximately 900 undergraduate majors and 80 full-time graduate students in four master's degree programs including Experimental, Clinical, Industrial Organizational/Human Resource Management, and School Psychology, the latter also provides a specialist degree in addition to the MA. The Department provides a clinic for training, research, and service to the community. The faculty are dedicated to the mentoring of students and to offering opportunities for experiential learning. Please peruse this web page to learn more about the Department and the policies which govern it.

Mission Statement

The Department comprises a faculty of psychologists who emphasize critical thinking, scientific methods, and applications of psychology to everyday behavior. The mission of the Department is to promote understanding of the science of psychology and its utility to members of the University community, the community of scholars, and the public. The Faculty seeks to prepare undergraduate students with transferable skills and knowledge of the discipline of psychology. In the applied programs, the Faculty seeks to train graduate students as professionals in the scientist/practitioner model. In the Experimental program, the Faculty seeks to prepare graduate students for more advanced study. The Faculty seeks to generate knowledge via research and disseminate it to professional audiences through publications and conference presentations. The Faculty also seeks to bring psychology to bear on University and community issues, and to participate fully in our professional communities.


Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 11:30pm
Drs. Will Canu and John Paul Jameson, along with Clinical Psychology Master’s alumnae Ellen Steele...
Hunger and Health Coalition (HHC) Club
Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 11:21pm
Lisa Curtin and Jackie Belhuemer are faculty advisers for the Hunger and Health Coalition (HHC)...
Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 11:17pm
Congratuations to William Stiles for winning the Distinguished Psychologist Award for Contributions...
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