Research Assistantships

About PSY 4001 - Research Assistant

PSY 4001 - Research Assistant (1-3) is a course offered to allow students the opportunity to receive Academic Credit for working in Faculty members' research labs. This is a supervised experience in which the student does psychological research on a faculty member’s project under their direction. 

The course may be repeated for a total of six credit hours, earning 1, 2, or 3 credits a semester. Faculty members prefer research assistants capable of participating in their lab for at least 2-3 semesters consecutively.

This course counts towards the Doing Psychology requirement.

Graded on an S/U basis.

How to Earn PSY 4001 Credit

Students must first be approved by a faculty member for their lab as a research assistant. Please view the links below to see what our faculty are currently doing to seek out those that research topics interest you most. Almost all faculty currently teaching are engaged in research and accepting Research Assistants; Reach out to them to see what opportunities are available.

List of current research labs here

Read about our faculty research interests here.

After being accepted to the lab, you must work with the faculty member to complete the required forms to have the course added. Submission of the required forms is done electronically via ASU email. 

Required Forms:

These forms are fillable PDFs, best completed utilizing Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is offered for FREE through App State. Please use this link to learn how to download the reader.

Steps to Electronically Submit the Paperwork

Physical paperwork is no longer accepted. 

  1. Student fills in all applicable information on both forms

  2. Student emails the completed forms to the faculty member they will be supervised by

  3. The faculty member will process the forms and submit them for final approval

  4. After the successful submission of the forms, the student will receive an email stating the department has received the forms, and then one more email when they are approved. 

If the paperwork is not received AND approved by the departmental deadline, 5 PM on the final day of the Add/Drop Period, the student will not be able to earn academic credit for PSY 4001 that semester.


For questions regarding PSY 4001,  please email