PSY 3520 - Instructional Assistance

About PSY 3520 - Instructional Assistance

PSY 3520 - Instructional Assistance (1) is a special course offered to allow students the opportunity to receive Academic Credit for assisting Faculty members in their classes as Teaching Assistants (TAs). This is a supervised experience in the instructional process on the university level through direct participation in a classroom situation.

May be repeated for a total credit of three semester hours.

Graded on an S/U basis.

Prerequisites: PSY 1200, Instructor Approval, must be majoring in psychology, and junior or senior standing.

How to Earn PSY 3520 Credit

Students do not register for this course themselves.

Students must first be approved by the faculty member they will be assisting. Faculty currently teaching may be accepting TAs. Opportunities are limited, and eligibility varies. Faculty prefer students that completed the course under their instruction and received a good grade in the class. Reach out to them to see what opportunities they have available.

Read about our faculty here. (embedded link; 

Check what courses the faculty are teaching in the coming term by utilizing AppalNet after the class schedule is released. The class schedule is released around the Fall and Spring breaks. 

After being accepted as a TA for a Faculty Member, you must work with the faculty member to complete the required forms to have the course added. Submission of the required forms is done electronically via ASU email. 

Required Forms:

 These forms are fillable PDFs, best completed utilizing Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is offered for FREE through App State. Please use this link to learn how to download the reader.

Steps to Electronically Submit the Paperwork

Physical paperwork is no longer accepted.

Student fills in all applicable information on both forms

  1. Student emails the completed forms to the faculty member they will be supervised by

  2. The faculty member will process and confirm the forms, including the list of mutually agreed-upon responsibilities, before submitting them for Departmental approval

  3. After the successful submission of the forms, the student will receive an email stating the department has received the forms and one more email when the Department approves them

  4. Paperwork is then submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences for approval and final processing. 

 If the paperwork is not received and approved by the College of Arts and Sciences deadline, the student will not be able to act as a TA or earn credit for PSY 3520 that semester.


For questions regarding PSY 3520, please email