Government Internships

NC Department of Administration Internships

While some of these opportunities may be dated, See the website link for updated information, or contact the relevant agency for information about Internship opportunities.

Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office - 919-807-4400

Eligibility Requirements

  • An applicant must be a permanent North Carolina resident attending a college, university, law school, community college or technical institute in North Carolina or a North Carolina resident attending an equivalent institution out of state.*
  • Applicants must carry a 2.5 or greater overall grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Applicants must have graduated from high school and subsequently completed their sophomore year of college before beginning the internship. Community college students must have at least their first year completed before beginning the internship.
  • Applicants must be continuing their education in the fall following their participation in the program.
  • To qualify for a law internship, applicants must have completed at least one year of law school before the beginning of the internship, unless other majors are listed.
  • Students having previously held paid internships with the Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be willing and able to work full-time for the entire 10-week internship. Applicants must be able to provide legal proof of identity and work authorization within three working days of employment.

* Factors considered when determining North Carolina residency include but are not limited to tuition/grant status, length of residency (must be a permanent resident of North Carolina for the 12 months preceding the date of application), permanent address/phone, and/or state issuing driver's license/ID. Students having limited career-related experience are strongly encouraged to apply since the program is designed to offer career development opportunities to deserving individuals.

Application Process

Please review the following application instructions carefully. Applications that do not meet the stated requirements will not be considered. If you have questions or need assistance, you may contact the YAIO at (919) 807-4400.

Applicants may apply for up to five internship projects. To apply, applicants must submit the following materials. 4 Required Application Materials

  • North Carolina State Government Internship application forms.
  • Cover letters outlining the reasons you are interested in each project for which you apply. Address cover letters to the North Carolina Internship Council. Your cover letter must include a bulleted list of projects for which you are applying, including project numbers and titles.
  • Professional résumés.
  • One copy of transcripts for all post-secondary grades. An unofficial student copy, obtained from your school's website or registrar, is acceptable. Transcripts must verify current overall GPA.
  • Graduate and law students should submit an official schedule/course list if current grades are not available. Law students should include their current class rank when possible. If you have attended more than one college/university, include a transcript for each; graduate/law students should include undergraduate transcripts.
  • Brief legal writing samples (law students only). Limit sample to two pages. Include a copy for each law project to which you apply.
  • Mailed paper application materials are required. E-mailed or faxed applications will not be accepted. All applications must be postmarked by Monday, December 5, 2011. Applications postmarked after this date will not be considered. Sorry, no exceptions. Mail all materials in ONE envelope.


In addition to the original application, an additional individual application form, cover letter and résumé is required for each project to which you apply. For example, if you are applying for five projects, you will need one original application, transcripts, résumé and cover letter, plus five additional sets (application, résumé and cover letter), totaling six sets of materials. Thus, you should always submit one more application form, résumé and cover letter than the total number of projects for which you apply. The original application is reviewed by the Internship Council and remains in your application file; additional application sets are sent by YAIO to each project supervisor for review. You may tailor each cover letter to the individual project if desired.

Submit all application materials by mail (in one envelope) to:
North Carolina State Government Internship Program
Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office
1319 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, N.C. 27699-131

Application Status and Placement Offers

Applicants will receive correspondence regarding their application status and placement offers via e-mail. Please include both a primary and alternate e-mail address on your application. Please check both accounts frequently, including spam and junk mail files.

Selection Process

The State Government Internship Program is historically quite competitive. The North Carolina Internship Council screens all eligible applications and selects students for interviews with project supervisors. All interviews are conducted by phone. Interviews will be begin on Friday, January 20, 2012, and conclude on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. After interviews, applicants and supervisors submit a preference form, ranking their preferred projects/applicants. The Internship Council and the YAIO make the final match for projects based on student and supervisor preferences, student demand for a project, departmental and geographical distribution of projects and other relevant factors.

State government policy prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, color, creed, national origin, age or disability. If you require accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the YAIO at (919) 807-4400.

Placement in an internship will be contingent upon completing required employment eligibility forms and, if applicable, satisfactorily completing additional screening procedures required by the department in which you will be working.

Important Guidelines

1. Take special care in the preparation of your application material.

  • All application materials must be typed. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
  • Observe deadlines for submission of application materials; late applications will not be considered.
  • Your cover letter should be a persuasive document with specific reasons for your desire to participate in each of the projects for which you apply.
  • Remember that you are filing an application for a full-time summer job in state government. Your signature signifies that all statements in the application are true and complete to the best of your knowledge.

2. Carefully observe the eligibility requirements listed in this booklet. The Internship Council will not review your application if it fails to meet the stated requirements.

3. If you are selected for a telephone interview(s), be prepared to communicate effectively about yourself, your coursework and your interest in the internship position(s) for which you applied. Keep a copy of your application and review it before the interview(s).


Raleigh, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Biology, Education, Science Education, Environmental Science, Zoology, Wildlife Sciences, Psychology or related fieldsProject ObjectiveThe Outreach Internship is one that is a combination of experiences and opportunities based in the Museum's Education Section; however the major focus will be working on the Girls in Science and Boys in Science summer programs. These summer programs are funded by Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds. They are residential, weeklong outdoor programs that help keep middle school students interested and involved in science. The Girls in Science...
Morganton, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Behavior Analysis or Psychology. Will accept other majors such as social work or counseling with a behavioral interest.Project ObjectiveParticipate in the daily activities of a behavioral psychology department at a state residential facility to problem solve issues of treatment and service delivery with the direct assistance of experienced psychology staff. Intern encouraged to select projects that provide service yet meet preferred experience of the intern. Also, intern will participate in departmental continuing education via reading groups and case review. Interns will be guided to...
Butner, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Education, Human Services, Journalism, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Public Relations, Recreation, Social Work, Sociology, Special EducationProject ObjectiveThe major objective is to provide a positive fun and learning experience for Volunteens (ages 14-16) and the Intern while providing service to the mentally ill. Volunteens should gain job skills, insight to future careers and an appreciation for volunteerism and community service.Major TasksDesign, coordinate and manage Central Regional Hospital's Volunteen Program. Develop work placements. Develop, plan and conduct orientation for...
Morganton, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Communication, Sociology or other Human Service fields – Social Work, Psychology, Education or Special Education, Recreation, Non-Profit ManagementProject ObjectiveThe Volunteen program matches youth volunteers with staff and/or residents at J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center – a residential facility for people with mental retardation and other types of developmental disabilities. The objective of this summer volunteer project is to educate the youth about people with disabilities and to expose them to how the residents live their day-to-day lives. The program teaches the youth...
Morganton, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Psychology, Human Services, Religion, Sociology, Recreation, Special Education, PhilosophyProject ObjectiveThe Covenant Chapel is the spiritual arm of the J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center. Its purpose is to support and advance the spirituality of people who have developmental disabilities. The internship's purpose is to administer the summer spiritual education program for the entire residential population who choose to participate (potentially 320-plus). This will include recruitment and training of volunteers, coordination with the JIRDC Recreation Therapy Department staff and...
Morganton, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Human Services, Social Services, Social Work, Sociology, Special EducationProject ObjectiveThe Broughton Hospital Junior Mentor Program is specifically designed to meet four core objectives; to educate youth about mental illness, foster mental health advocacy and leadership, develop career interest in psychiatric healthcare, and provide a service-learning opportunity through volunteerism.Major TasksAn intern will be responsible for the general management of youth participants and coordination of program. Research and prepare lesson plans, activities...
Concord, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Psychology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Science, Sociology, Human Services or any Human Service related majorProject ObjectiveStonewall Jackson Youth Development Center is one of the state's newest facilities for confined juvenile offenders. The facility operates under a therapeutic model of care that was piloted for three years in the Jackson Project with the assistance of two prior summer interns. Under this model, staff teach youth pro-social skills throughout the day using structured role plays, while also addressing other psychosocial factors (e.g., educational and...
Rocky Mount, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Science, Sociology and any other major falling within Human ServicesProject ObjectiveEdgecombe Youth Development Center is one of the state's six Youth Development Centers (YDCs) for the confinement of adjudicated delinquents. The facility operates under a therapeutic model of care that was piloted for three years with the assistance of two prior summer interns. Under the model, staff teach youth pro-social skills throughout the day through structured role plays, while also addressing other factors known to increase risk for...
Siler City, NC
(919) 807-4400
Major(s)Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Science, Sociology, and any other major falling within Human ServicesProject ObjectiveChatham Youth Development Center is the state's only Youth Development Center (YDC) that houses female juvenile offenders. The facility operates under a therapeutic model of care that was piloted for three years in The Jackson Project with the assistance of two prior summer interns. The majority of girls confined at the YDC have histories of exposure to a variety of traumatic childhood experiences, and many continue to experience problems in self-...