Psychology Course Transfer Instructions


Instructions for having a Transfer Psychology Course(s) Evaluated for Psychology Credit

This process is for:

  • Students who transfer psychology courses to ASU but want to have the department review the course to see if the classes can transfer as a specific psychology course
  • Students anticipating taking a class from another college or who are participating in study abroad and need prior approval of transfer coursework

 We will work hard for you to make your study abroad transfer credit count for as much as possible here at ASU for your major, your minor, or even if you are taking psychology for General Education or electives!

  1.  Complete the Transfer Credit Petition found at this link,
    1.  A course description from the catalog of the university you will be attending.
    2. Your name and Banner ID number (900……)
    3. The ASU class name and course number that you hope the class will transfer back as, or simply Psychology Elective if that is your hope
    4. Please make sure you tell us if you are a psychology major, minor, or you intend to take this course for another reason (i.e., majors take Psychopathology whereas nonmajors take Abnormal psychology)
    5. Please list your email so we can contact you if needed
  2. Return the form and attachments to Ryan Kennedy in room 100 Smith-Wright if you have Psychology courses that need to be reviewed.  If we have any questions or concerns about your transfer petition, Dr. Mark Zrull will contact you immediately.  If you do not hear back from us, you can assume that we have approved the form and sent it to OTA.   
  3. If you are asking for transfer credit from another department, you will need to also take this form to that department for approval.  If you have not obtained signatures from another department, we will hold this form after our approval for you to pick up and circulate before it goes to OTA.

If you have any questions about transferring your psychology courses, please email Dr. Mark Zrull (