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Psychology Class Permit Request
Students can complete this form if they want a 3000 level psychology class but do not have PSY 3100 (typically non psy major). Also this can be used is a student needs PSY 3100, but the class is full. For all other psy classes that are full, students need to add their names to the course online waitlist.

How to add your name to a class waitlist - You will need to add your name to one of the waitlists for one of the sections. Do this by typing in the crn. You will get an error message that the class is closed. In the middle of the message is a drop down arrow. Click on that and choose the waitlist. Be sure to check your email every morning and evening. If you get a message that a seat is open, you will have 18 hours from the time of that message to add the class to your schedule.

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Doing Psychology

A 1-hour lab is required and must be at the same time or in a later semester of the lecture course. For example, if a student wants to take PSY 4211 then PSY 3211 must have been taken or must be taken at the same time.
The second part of Doing Psychology can be any of the following options:

PSY 4001 - Research Assistant - Students must first be approved by a faculty member as a research assistant and complete the required forms to get the credit added.

PSY 4002 - Supervise Research - Very few students choose this option. A student must first gain permission from a faculty member and complete the required forms to get the credit added.

PSY 4905 - Fieldwork in Applied Psychology (Internship) - A student must find an internship and get the placement approved by the department before completing the required paper work to get the credit added to the student's schedule.

PSY 4511 & 4512 - Psychology Dept. Honors Thesis - A student must have a 3.45 cumulative GPA and a 3.50 psychology GPA from ASU. This is by invitation and takes 3 semesters to complete all honors requirements. All students are required to find a faculty thesis mentor to complete this requirement.

Approved Psychology Service Learning course -  I will share this list with the faculty at the start of each registration period. Students can sign up for the credit, like a regular class. (Not PSY 2100 - this is a nonmajors class)


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