Department of Psychology Students Present their Research

On April 19th Appalachian State University held its 26th Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors. This event gives students an opportunity to present posters and talk about the research that they’ve been involved in. Within the psychology department, we had many students present their research at the conference. One student in particular, Tori Elliott, was one of the winners of the morning poster competition with her poster titled, "She Wears it How? Hair Texture Dissatisfaction Relates to Colorism and Racism in Black Women."! Below are all the posters that were presented by psychology students.


Abigail Branco (Undergraduate)

Title: Can Psychology Students Solve Top Industry Issues?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shawn Bergman

Co-Authors: Aidan Powell, Robert Gruber, Brenna McNamara, Samantha Plourde


Abryanna Vidot (Graduate: School Psychology) 

Title: Racial Disproportionality in Teacher Discipline Referral

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jamie Yarbrough

Co-Authors: Natalie Moyer, Laura MacLean, Caroline Cummings, Hannah King, Tierney O'Brien, Sara Hehn, Mlynn Wooden, India Horn


Emma Albertino (Graduate: Clinical Psychology)

Title: High Prevalence of In-person and Technicological Sexual Violence Among Women with Eating Disorders

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Martz

Co-Authors: Drs. Lisa Curtin & Twila Wingrove


Janaka Volpe (Undergraduate)

Title: Robbers, Renters, & Recall: Perspective and Story Memory

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lisa Emery

Co-Authors: Corinne Nocar, James Auwn, Brenna McNamara, Emilie Murdoch, Helen Vonderhaar, Jonathan Taylor, Maia Harbaugh, Myers Busch, Katie Gundry


Kaitlyn Miller (Undergraduate)

Title: Value Alignment in Workers and Organizational Messaging of Environmentally Sustainable Initiatives

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jack Carson (Management)

Co-Authors: Morgan Greene, Mariana Solanilla, Mackenzie Law


Katelyn Saunders (Undergraduate)

Title: The Impact of COVID-19 on Depression and Anxiety with Social Support as a Protective Factor

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Reagan Breitenstein

Co-Author: Dr. Lisa Curtin


Kelly Davis (Graduate: Clinical Psychology)

Title: Intent to Receive a COVID-19 Vaccination Among College Students: Theory of Planned Behavior and Sociodemographic Predictors

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lisa Curtin

Co-Authors: Drs. Jackqueline Hersh & John Paul Jameson


Keyona Anthony (Undergraduate)

Title: Cyberbullying as Related to School Transitions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Balalrd

Co-Author: Anastacia Schulhoff


Olivia Hydzik (Undergraduate)

Title: Remote or In-person Work: How do Personality and Qualifications Relate to Performance?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yalçın Açıkgöz 

Co-Authors: Ena Hodzic, Samuel Whiteheart, Aspen Wood, Mary Covington, Alexis Jones, Ty Graves, Madison Culver


Rachel Stern (Undergraduate)

Title: A Study on Imagined Events in Romantic Relationships

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Doris Bazzini


Rowaida Hamdan (Undergraduate)

Title: Using Eye Tracking to Quantify Aesthetic Judgements

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Dickinson


Ryan Whitfield (Undergraduate)

Title: Identification of a Natural Phospholipase A2 Inhibitor for Use as a Novel Antivenom

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Venable (Biology)


Sara Hehn (Graduate: School Psychology)

Title: Does Mode of Instruction Impact Academic and Social Success?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jamie Yarbrough

Co-Authors: Natalie Moyer, Laura MacLean, Abryanna Vidot, Caroline Cummings, Hannah King, Tierney O'Brien, Mlynn Wooden, India Horn


Tori Elliott (Undergraduate)

Title: She Wears It How? Hair Texture Dissatisfaction Relates to Racism & Colorism in Black Women

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Martz

Co-Authors: Dr. Doris Bazzini, Shraddha Selani


We’d once again like to congratulate Tori Elliott and all of the other students for their contributions to another spectacular research conference!

Published: Apr 23, 2023 10:58pm