Department of Psychology Strategic Planning Retreat

The Psychology Department faculty spent a day and a half on September 8th and 9th in order to explore the strategic environment surrounding higher education in general and psychology departments in particular, and discuss the strategic priorities the department would embrace for the next five years. This was done in order to update the strategic plan which was approved in 2017 for the years 2017-2022 and is set to expire this year.

During the retreat, the facilitator Rik Nemanick guided the faculty through a series of discussions exploring the threats and opportunities facing the department and how to best navigate this environment in the next five years by utilizing the department's unique strengths. This led to determining six strategic priorities, which will be outlined in the next strategic plan.

We would like to thank our facilitator Rik Nemanick for guiding us through a productive retreat and all the faculty who participated and shared their input.





Published: Sep 12, 2022 3:19pm